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Growing Up a Curly Girl in a 90’s World

Growing up a curly girl in the nineties was not always easy. I had thick, frizzy hair that I didn’t know how to manage. I started really struggling as a pre-teen. Back then there was no internet, tutorials, books, or even a curly mentor to look up to. I just brushed (yes brushed) my curls and even though my hair looked horrible, I didn’t know any better. My go-to look was frizzy hair and bangs with a turtle neck and shorts. Oh my! #hotmess My parents practically begged me to change my look but I didn’t know how. The good, the bad, and the frizzy!

My styling routine was terrible. I use to fry my hair with straightening chemicals and curling irons. I would use the only type of cosmetic oil I could get my hands on, Avon bath oil. I’m embarrassed to admit it but, at times, I would even lay my head on an ironing board to straighten my hair. I had such a complex about my hair that I felt people judged me because of my frizz. I thought in order to look good I had to straighten my hair and get rid of my curls. My poor hair paid the price for all my “beauty” treatments. I was left with fried, dyed, and even frizzier hair than before!

Needless to say, people made fun of my hair all the time, which made me feel insecure about my appearance. I always wanted to look like the other girls with straight hair but I was too young to understand that was not the answer. I needed to embrace my curls, and myself, because that is how God made me.

We sometimes forget how good we have it now. We can easily go to the internet, use social media, watch YouTube, or join curly groups, and get curly hair tips to control our frizz. I now realize that using a natural, non-petroleum based oil is better for my hair. I minimize the use of heating tools to keep it healthy, and reduce their damaging effect. I limit the amount of times per week I wash my hair. If I do style my hair I use a wide tooth wood comb instead of a brush. Today I am happy to say that I love my curls and they are healthy!

My healthy curls today!

All of these hair struggles led me and my husband to create our own hair care line called Darshana. I finally have a hair oil that is natural and controls my curly hair. We talk to a lot of people about their hair journey and try to help in anyway we can. I understand their issues and feel their pain because I went through a lot of ups and downs myself. We want everyone to know they are not alone. Everyone battles hair issues and life in general and we are here to help guide, if we can.

What is your hair journey?

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  1. Hi Shana…..everything you mentioned was exactly what I went through, only it was in the 80’s!! There was no hair products for curly hair at all, and NO ONE knew how to cut curly hair. Oh dear, so many tears were shed growing up.
    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    1. Thanks Denise! Yes the 80’s were awesome but our hair wasn’t LOL Soooo many tears! XOXO Shana

  2. Awesome! Congratulations on your product. You have the hair people only dream of. Beautiful. Excellent writing skills too. Yay!

  3. Loved reading your story, and your picture is beautiful!! You not only care about the products you create, but you care about the people using them. You go, girl!! 🤗🤗🤗

    1. Awwwww Thank You so much! You’re right I do care ❤ about people and products #love Thanks again for being SO encouraging 👍Love Me 💘 ❤ 💕

  4. So glad Rachel True told me about you guys. I deal a lot with curly, natural and multi textured hair. Love the oil, I actually add to my lotion and use on my body! Smells 🍊 amazing! Also the bog key to controlling frizz is conditioning and I Also LOVE your shampoo and conditioner!! Yet another fantastic item is your comb!! Congratulations on a hair journey leasing to a wonderful product line!

    1. Hi Val!!

      We are SO happy to know that you love using Darshana for your hair and body!!! My mixed curly and frizzy hair journey has definitely been a wild ride!

      I agree conditioning helps control frizz even though my hair doesn’t listen to me I can guide it to a healthier look with oil/conditioner! and of course a WIDE TOOTH comb. LOL!

      We are SO GLAD to have met you too! Love, Shana (and Darius)

  5. I’ve known you since 6th grade and frizzy hair should’ve been the least of your worries remembering the turtle neck and shorts! Your hair looks great and so does my daughter’s! Thank You!

    1. I am glad your daughter’s hair looks GREAT. She can bring back the #turtleneckandshorts for me! Hahahaha OH MY! XOXO Shana

  6. Your curls are beautiful! But even if you don’t have curls this product is amazing and has the most magnificent smell ever! I use it on my straight as a board hair 🥰

    1. Thanks Gail! I am SO happy to hear that Darshana is amazing for your hair!!! and you love the citrus scent! #medfordlove – XOXO Shana & Darius

  7. Wow Shana! What a great story to go along with those perfect curls. It’s so nice to know someone other than me struggled with fizzy curls pre-internet. For the record though, you look stunning in all your photos. 🙂

    So thankful for all your products. For me, your shampoo and condition are lifesavers! I won’t use anything else. Thanks for putting great products on the market that work wonders and smell so yummy!

    1. Thanks Gouda!!! Us frizzy girls need to stick together…hahaha We are glad to know that you use the shampoo & conditioner for you hair! #arizonalove

  8. I love your story, and especially love how you ended up embracing the beautiful curly hair God blessed you with! Love Darshana oil!

    1. God has blessed us both! YAY! Proverbs 3-5-6 I know you know it! Thanks Nancy!!! XOXO – Shana & Darius

  9. Shana you look beautiful inside and out. I love what you wrote and I’m so glad you have Darshana in your life, and that you have made it available to so many other people. I had straight hair growing up and didn’t know what to do with it, so everybody can relate to what you wrote.

    1. Thank you so much Claire! Darius & I loved reading your comment and are so glad you can relate to my story too! Love Darius & Shana

    1. Thanks Lori (Dragonslayer) Semones! We appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment and are glad you feel Darshana is #amazing!! XOXO

  10. Well I don’t have picture proof, but I can relate to you high school story!

    Now I do way less, and get way more compliments 🙌 Love using Darshana💕

    1. Thanks Paula!!! Unfortunately I have many photos of my frizzy hair in the 90’s LOL! Using less but quality products is the way to go for sure! #curlygirls Love Shana

    1. YAY! Thanks SO much and I am glad you could relate! We have MANY bad hair day photos together (and good ones too 😉 XOXO Have a great day. Love, Shana.

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