Woman with long straight hair checking to see if her hair is thinning.

5 Things You Should Never Do with Thinning Hair

I’m doing my best to keep my hair looking as full and healthy as possible as I age. As I have gotten older my hair has definitely thinned out. I watched my mom, who is Filipino, have increasingly thinning hair as she aged too. She even tried to perm her hair to make it look fuller but just ended up with a really thin looking afro. I’m hoping to learn from my mom’s questionable hair style choices by researching and using natural techniques to make my hair look healthier and fuller.

Here are some of the thinning hair tips I have learned on my hair journey over the years. I hope it helps other people struggling with the same issue.

  1. Use Damaging Heat Tools
    Try to avoid straightening irons, curly irons, hot curlers, or any other device that uses heat on your hair as much as possible. Heat can be damaging and eventually cause breakage. If you must, use heat tools on the cool setting and use with protective sprays, gels, or oil like Darshana Natural Indian hair oil.
  1. Wash Daily
    Depending on the shampoo you are using washing your hair everyday may be hurting your hair. Try only washing with shampoo two to three times per week. When you do shampoo make sure to avoid shampoos with harsh sulfates that can cause breakage. Alternatively, try using conditioner only or dry shampoo in between shampoo days.
  1. Brush it
    I was told by an LA hairstylist to not brush my curls since brushing can cause frizz and hair breakage. If I do style my curls, I use a wood wide tooth comb. I make sure my hair is washed, damp, and a natural styling cream has been applied to it. Most curly girls use a wide tooth comb because it’s great for stimulating your scalp and is a gentle detangler for your curls. Wood doesn’t conduct static and it helps to reduce frizz.
  1. Apply Harsh Chemicals
    I do my best to use natural hair products. I feel avoiding harsh chemicals is safer and less damaging to my hair. For example, I use a natural styling cream because it gives a gentle hold while moisturizing at the same time. It also helps give definition to my hair and smoothes out flyways.
  1. Wear Tight Hair Styles
    Last but not least, I avoid tight hairstyles like ponytails, cornrows, or buns held tightly by rubber bands. Pulling your thin hair too tight can lead to breakage or even bald spots. I like to style my hair half up/half down and use a gentle claw clip or an eco-friendly hair tie. I often use hairspray to control my frizz. Once my hair is air dry. I can release the clip, shake my roots, and voila I have healthier looking curls with more volume!

I hope my thinning curly hair styling tips help you on your journey with your own curls. I know these tips have helped me with mine!

What are your tips for thinning hair? Let me know in the comments below.

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