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Best Moisture Miracles for Your Frizzy Hair!

Add Moisture to Your Strands

In this article, we’ll flashback to some frizzy hair product choices that were used to tame the mane…like Aqua Net (which made hair bigger and frizzier), Mousse, and Gel!

Today, I focus on frizzy hair solutions with cleaner products. I wanted to share these natural hair care choices with you because they are effective and have less to no harsh chemicals. I believe it will transform your hair from a frizzy jungle into a sleek, well-behaved mane that even Zendaya would envy!

We loved hair sprays and mousses

Big hair was the trend in the 80’s, and achieving this look often involved copious amounts of hairspray and mousse.

These products helped set styles in place, but they also contributed to stiffness and frizz, especially in humid conditions

Vibrant hair styles in the 90’s

The emo and scene subcultures popularized unconventional hair colors. Vibrant and often neon shades, such as electric blue, hot pink, and emerald green, were frequently seen among those who identified with these alternative styles.

I actually dyed my hair purple back in the day! hahaha!

The Natural Beauty of Today

Today, we have sulfate and paraben free, natural, organic, non toxic hair care and so on, readily available to us.

It’s the norm to check ingredients, apps, expert opinions, do our own research etc. for healthy alternatives for hair care

Alcohol free hair sprays, natural hair treatments, silicone free styling products etc. will help you manage and reduce your frizzy hair.

Trust me, I’ve tried it all especially when I was in high school. Now that I am older and have more concerns about my health: natural and effective hair products work for me and are a better option (in my opinion).

These are some of the products, sites, and apps I use:

You can Google healthy or natural hair care products and a lot of choices will come up. Do your research and find out what might work for you. If you are just starting to consider better options for hair care start with natural products, there’ so many good products to choose from.

The evolution of hair products is a journey – a rollercoaster of mousse, gel, and hairspray. So here’s to the countless bottles of hair products we’ve hoarded, the hairstyles we’ve attempted (and failed), and frizzy fiascos that have shaped our locks and our lives.

I would love to get your opinion on the products you use and like!

As always you can email me directly at [email protected]

Have a blessed day ❤️Shana

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