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7 Great Curly-Girl Bloggers with Taste!

I love to watch curly girl bloggers. They relate to my curly hair needs and all the struggles I go through just to make my hair look good. With so many hair blogs and videos available to us I thought a list of who I like would help you navigate through the distractions of the internet! We’ve all been down the video rabbit hole of hair reviews and videos.

These are a few curly girls I like. Which one is your favorite?

I had the pleasure of meeting Christina in Australia and she is just as beautiful in person as she is on her blog. Not to mention she is super sweet too! On her hair blog she shares easy curly hair styles, braids, tips, and tutorials that we can all follow and execute. I love her fresh and new ideas on curly hair. She understands the struggle of frizzy hair and can make you love your curls again.

Her thoughts on her hair – “Do you love your hair? I can tell you that, for years and years, I hated my hair. Then I had a haircut that changed my life…” Hair Romance

Nikki Walton is a leading expert in inner and outer beauty, and has been featured nationally and internationally in publications including The New York Times and People magazine. She was named one of the web’s most influential voices, Essence named her among their “Top 35 Under 35 Young, Black and Amazing”.

You can learn more about Nikki from the podcast “To Be Led by the Holy Spirit, You Must Be Full of the Holy Spirit.” – Go(o)d Mornings with CurlyNikki

What I love about Courtney is her encouragement of other curly girls understanding our up and downs of frizz, hydration and the dreaded HUMIDITY!

This is what Courtney says on her site…”I help women who are discouraged with their hair go from frustrated to freedom by embracing and nurturing the hair they were fearfully and wonderfully made with using my Swavy Curl Method. Psalm 139:14″ Swavy Curly Courtney

She has a ton of great videos on YouTube to watch from her lifestyle updates, product stashes, the infamous CGM, curl training, etc.

What I really enjoy about Disco Curls, besides the fact that she has beautiful curly hair, is all of her videos! She has videos on easy curly hairstyles, wash routine, product reviews and so much more including her trying ONION JUICE on her hair.

Here’s a little bit of Rochelle on her YouTube channel “Hey Curl-Friends, the DiscoCurlsTV channel provides tips on how to care for YOUR fine, curly hair. This includes curly hair videos with wash and go’s, curly hair product reviews, curly hair tools, curly hairstyles and curly hair techniques.” Disco Curls

Brandi writes about her struggles in life and how her faith has helped her. As a beauty queen she shares great curly girl tips and advice

Brandi’s thoughts on her YouTube channel – “I’ve been inspired by so many things throughout this life and those things, people, and circumstances have brought me to where I am today. I want to show you that if you have a pretty heart it will show on your face (without the makeup). Beauty starts from within!” The Glambelle

The Mane Objective

Christina Patrice is an exceptionally talented writer and loves natural hair. She knows what is trending for natural hair and what products actually work for you. As well as her in depth reviews on products that we all have heard about but were afraid to commit to, make her a great resource for natural hair. #naturalhair101

Here are some things that interest Christina Patrice on her site “I’ve been fascinated with hair for longer than blogging has been a thing – spending my Saturday mornings at the beauty shop with my sister. She typically slept or read a book while the stylists worked on our hair – I was the busybody asking questions about methods, products, and tools…” The Mane Objective

Jennyferth from Colombian Curly G is bilingual and ready to mingle! lol (I couldn’t resist). In any case she’s a Floridian who knows about heat, humidity, and curls! She is a professional curly stylist and knows how to guide us on all things curly.

Jennyferth takes being a curly girl seriously as she states on her website, “…I specialize in the management of natural, wavy, and curly hair. As well as extensive knowledge in techniques, products and colors in trend…” Colombian Curly G

I love these curly girls PLUS many others. I learn so much about my own naturally curly hair and all the curl hacks which I use and need. I hope that you too can learn about styles, products, and advice for all your hair essentials.

Have a great hair day! ❤️Shana

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