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Why I use styling cream instead of hair gel

Finding the right hair product to style my hair has always been important to me. Over the years I’ve tried hundreds of hair products. I now have a few select items that I enjoy enough to always keep in my bathroom. One of the products that I keep near by is styling cream.

I use styling cream instead of gel because it provides a gentler hold for my hair and tames those frizzy fly-aways! Gel usually creates too much of a crunchy helmet head feel and look for me. I prefer a more natural look for my hair with some hold. Especially, a natural styling cream that still makes my hair more manageable and is better for me and my hair. Also, hair gel can have a more of a drying affect on my curls.

Here’s a list of why I like styling cream over hair gel:

  1. More Moisture – When I apply styling cream, my hair seems to hold or lock in more moisture. It also adds shine, definition, and control to my hair and while offering a more natural look. I usually apply styling cream to damp or wet hair then spritz with some natural hairspray. Yes, I love to create my own hair cocktails (it’s actually fun!)
  1. Tames My Frizz – I find that styling cream does tame my frizz! FINALLY! Managing my hair can be a full time job. Now my hair is ready for public viewing Lol. It’s great for styling your hair without making it feel or look crunchy like gel can do. It also adds a smooth and sleek look to your locks. Usually a soft-hold formula is infused with antioxidants and oils that fights frizz and flyaways which is great for hair.
  1. Has A Gentle Hold – Styling cream seems to have a gentler hold for my hair. Gel usually has a hard, crunchy, wet look that does last. However, I don’t like the wet head look for my hair. The “I just got out of the shower” look doesn’t work for me. Instead, I prefer a lighter more naturally looking approach when it comes to the appearance of my hair. I tend to look for products that have a botanical blend of some sort and are paraben-free, sulfate-free, etc.
  1. Long Lasting Effect – Did I mention that styling cream lasts the entire day in my hair! It has long lasting shine plus moisturizes my hair throughout the day. I always experiment with products because a little product can go a long way. I like a softer hold so I use a small amount for my hair type and adjust the amount depending how much I feel I need.
  1. I Love Natural Products – As I’ve mentioned before I prefer natural hair products. Overall, I prefer natural beauty products. If it’s going on my body, especially my head. I would rather my styling cream have ingredients I can pronounce! Like coconut oil, shea butter, aloe vera, etc. I find that natural hair products do hydrate my hair and can manage my frizz well. You can read Allure’s list of Clean Beauty Products and you can start there and see what might fit your beauty needs.

I use a natural styling cream on my hair because I love how I feel and my hair looks. Plus, I get a lot of compliments on my hair, which is always encouraging.  The styling cream I love the most is Darshana’s Natural Styling Cream (I’m biased since I created it) However, it truly moisturizes and provides a gentle hold. It is formulated with organic sunflower seed oil and other natural oils that smooth your hair and naturally makes you look and feel amazing.  It even revives your second day hair (it’s great for a hair cocktail! Try it!)

Here is an article from Naturally Curly, by my friend Marsha B., on cocktails and products you might like…10 Curly Hair Cocktails Every Girl Needs This Summer

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